With an unquestionable amount of years of experience in the commercial real estate sector, the Intella Inc. team has developed an unparalleled expertise in the development and promotion of commercial real estate. With each member’s proven track record, the combination of joined forces is utilized to not only increase its force on the market but also to better serve their dedicated clientele. These three leaders are supported by a versatile team who can effectively and efficiently respond to challenges associated with all projects and their unique complexities.

Intella Inc.’s mission is to conceive and develop innovative and creative strategies to generate growth and profit for its clients’ projects.

Intella Inc. combines creative solutions and efficient management to maximize the potential of real estate in the commercial sector. Its unique approach combines sharp analysis and in-depth knowledge of the market to determine the most promising opportunities for its clients and quickly generate growth and profit. Intella Inc.’s high level of performance and professionalism sets an exceptional standard for the commercial real estate market.

Intella Inc.’s approach involves attention to the individual needs of clients, thorough analysis, and the implementation of creative solutions to meet the specific needs of each contract. For every project, small or complex, Intella Inc. uses a wide network of resources and extensive knowledge of the industry to gain a complete, objective perspective of the current market. Following thorough analysis of each context, Intella Inc. develops strategies most likely to maximize the growth and development of its clients’ properties. It accompanies the client throughout this process and can fully implement a chosen strategy or simply play an advisory role in the project.

To carry out the various projects contracted to Intella Inc., and to offer outstanding quality services to its clients, the team draws on its core values and principles:

  • Integrity
  • Attentive listening
  • Understanding
  • Creativity
  • Accessibility